What are micro enterprises?

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A micro enterprise is a venture that is run or provided by 5 or fewer people. Some definitions put it at 10 or fewer people.

One type of micro enterprise is when people who need support are doing something themselves. This can be done in different ways:
• Setting up a small peer support group.
• A community group or business that supports other people who are having a difficult time.
• A group that does something else that is needed within that community, gives the people involved a purpose and a way to make a contribution within their local area.

The other is support for people from a very small provider:
• They can be delivering care and support or another type of practical support.
• The provider can be a charity, a social enterprise, a community group or a small business.

Policy context

Self-directed support: Micro-enterprises are part or the development of SDS. They can be used to create a wider range of services and supports and giving people more choices to let them achieve a good life.

Integration of Health and Social Care: Small ventures can be part of community supports that complement other services, make them more effective and improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Changing the way public services work: Micro enterprises can contribute to encouraging creativity, innovation and finding new solutions.

What you can do
  • Please send examples of micro enterprises set up by people in these situations.
  • We also want to hear of micro enterprises giving support to people.
  • You can use these tips to have conversations about ways micro enterprises can give more choices and options for you and for people you know.Get in touch by emailing alice@otbds.org or by calling 0141 419 0451.

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