The Gathering 2017

A photo of a conference where the screen has a sign saying 'make a difference'

In February 2017 we hosted a workshop at The Gathering at the SECC.

The aim of the workshop was to explore some of the many different ways that a micro enterprise approach can work as part of social innovation. In particular we looked at what the impacts are for people’s lives and their communities and how micro enterprises can contribute towards local solutions.

The session began with Louise Willson, our Community Development Advisor, explaining what micro enterprises are and how they can be used. Louise’s slides can be viewed here.

We then heard from Ania Sandland, another of our Community Development Advisors, who shared information on two micro enterprises. Ania spoke about Diane Davis-Bailey’s belly dancing in care homes business and our Angus McFlourish project. Ania’s slides can be for Diane’s project are here and the Angus McFlourish ones are here.

To close Donna Murray-Trail discussed the Care and Wellbeing co-op and how they got started with the help of GrowBiz. Donna’s slides can be viewed here.

Do you have any questions about micro enterprises or would you like some extra information? Get in touch by emailing or by calling 0141 419 0451.

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