Micro Enterprises

“Being part of Getting There has given those of us who use services a lot more confidence.”

Micro enterprises are enterprises or businesses that have 5 or fewer people working in it. It can be a voluntary organisation, or a company, or a sole trader or partnership. It can be doing any of a huge range of activities.

We are interested in how micro enterprises can work for people using self directed support – SDS.   We have found that there are broadly 3 types of micro enterprises.

  1. A small–scale service delivering support to a few people. An example is 2 people working together and supporting a few older people living in their village or nearby.
  1. A small community organisation adding on a support element to something they already do. An example is a riding stables in Fife which is now offering riding to older people with higher support needs and to people who have been bereaved.
  1. When someone with a disability or mental health problems starts a small enterprise, which gives them a useful role and activity. For example, the Count Me In network.

We have lots of useful resources for anyone interested in Micro Enterprises:


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