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An important part of the Getting There Project was to encourage people with mental health problems to get the most out of self directed support options. One way we did this was by holding events, bringing people together to share ideas and experiences.

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Permission To Dream 2015 We discussed how SDS was working for people with mental health problems one year on, and provided an opportunity for people to share ideas for ways to develop local services. 

Permission To Dream 2014 How can SDS support people with mental health problems to live the lives they want? Full report

Report: 25th November 2013 Information Session on Self Directed Support for people with poor mental health in West Dunbartonshire

Permission To Dream  – How can SDS support people with mental health problems to live the lives they want? Report from February 2014 Edinburgh Self directed Support and mental health event

We also asked NDTi to look at what is happening elsewhere for people with poor mental health.   They looked at the evidence and practice of self directed support for people with mental health problems.




Mental Health Foundation logoThe Mental Health Foundation (MHF) are committed to reducing the suffering caused by mental ill health and to help everyone lead mentally healthier lives.

They help people to survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems. They do this by:

  • carrying out research
  • developing practical solutions for better mental health services
  • campaigning to reduce stigma and discrimination
  • promoting better mental health for us all.


srnThe Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) developed out of a loose affiliation of individuals and organisations with a common interest in recovery, and has been designed to share information and ideas as quickly as possible. SRN has four overall goals:

  • Raise awareness of recovery.
  • Encourage empowerment.
  • Develop the evidence base.
  • Influence policy and practice.

They have recently produced this animation which asks “What is mental health recovery?”.

SDS helps people be more in control of their support and therefore more in control of their lives. Having the right support helps people get all the other things in place that support recovery, such as building and maintaining connections.


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Vox is a national Mental Health Service User Led organisation. They work in partnership with mental health and related services to ensure users get every opportunity to contribute positively to changes in the services that serve them and wider society.


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