Informal discussion notes

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How much do you know about micro enterprises? They can be used to help many different people, as you can see from our examples of micro enterprises. To help people to realise how micro enterprises could be used to help them we held some informal discussion groups exploring how micro enterprises can contribute to enabling people to achieve their outcomes. Below are the notes from the meeting if you would like to find out more:

Micro enterprise meeting notes March 2015
Micro enterprises Wednesday 21 January 2015 notes-3-1
Micro enterprises and SDS – event note

Angela Catley from Community Catalysts, gave an introduction to micro enterprises and the importance and difference they can make to lives – Community Catalyst slides

Judith Midegley and Kate Dowling from IRISS spoke about the pilotlight project developing SDS pathways for small businesses – Pilotlight_Pres_Outside the Box_notes

John Oates from BRAGG spoke about the SHINE project in Fife that develops and supports micro enterprises to support older people to live independent lives – BRAG Presentation – Microproviders. Please click on the highlighted areas to view PowerPoints from the session.

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