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Outside the Box Development Support provides training, advice and on-going assistance to people from communities in Scotland who want to make changes.

We give practical support and enable people to learn the types of skills that are important both for establishing new ventures and for sustaining them.

We assist people to contribute on issues that are about how their community or how society works – such as when older people want to offer their skills and experience to families and young people – as well as on matters that are specific to their own circumstances.

We encourage people to think of themselves and other people as citizens, rather than as recipients of services or as people who are restricted by a particular description or label.

We work with individual people, informal networks or groups, and smaller organisations.

We work with:

  • groups that are led by disabled or older people
  • groups that support people who are living with the consequences of poverty or social isolation
  • groups which are led by, or are supporting, people who are also experiencing additional barriers, for example as a consequence of age,ethnicity, gender or sexuality
  • individual people, families, friends and other informal carers.



Community Catalysts is a Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company established by and working in close partnership with the charity Shared Lives Plus. They are a small group of energetic people who believe passionately in the power of people to effect social change.

They use lots of different methods and approaches to meet the needs of their customers. These include: events, scoping exercises, benchmarking, workshops, writing practical guidance or toolkits, conversations, group work and project management.


brag enterprise ltd

BRAG Enterprises Limited, a social enterprise, was formed in 1988 in response to the decline of the heavy engineering and mining industries of Fife. Its primary aim is the regeneration of the communities through the creation and support of sustainable employment. Located in Central Fife, its head office operates from a refurbished primary school.

BRAG offer a wide range of facilities geared towards both new and established businesses. The new business Incubator Units allow a new business to ease into the market place with low start-up costs and lower financial commitment. BRAG also have both office and industrial units available for lease. Conference & Meeting Facilities are available for a wide range of purposes.

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Community Enterprise is Scotland’s most responsive and effective provider of highly skilled support, helping communities and social enterprises to turn great ideas into reality.  They build working relationships with clients.  They are a social enterprise themselves and 100% of their profits are re-invested in supporting the further growth and development of communities across Scotland.

Do you know of another organisation that offers development support in Scotland? Get in touch by emailing or by calling 0141 419 0451.


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