About these Hints and Tips

People with mental health problems or who face other difficulties in life get services and support from lots of places. Outside the Box has brought together tips for people interested in what micro enterprises can help with:

  • They describe what micro enterprises are.
  • There are examples from across Scotland and other parts of the UK, to show what is possible.
  • There are tips that people who have experience of micro enterprises have shared, to help other people with their ideas.There are micro enterprises that are set up by other people who need some support. There are also micro enterprises giving support to people in other circumstances. We hope these tips will also be useful for people in other situations too.

We have also produced tips on micro enterprises and older people.

Do you have any tips you would like to share, or something you would like information on but it isn’t here? Get in touch by emailing alice@otbds.org or by calling 0141 419 0451.

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