Getting There – The next stage

Welcome to the Getting There website supported by Outside the Box! 

Here we bring together materials and resources, ideas and projects from user led organisations from across Scotland and wider afield.
At Outside the Box we work with micro enterprises in a variety of different ways. Are you wanting to set up or improve a micro enterprise but don’t know how?

Do you work for a larger organisation and want to support a micro enterprise, or learn from this approach? We can help. To get more of an idea on how we have helped different micro enterprises visit our examples of micro enterprises page. If you would like to get in touch then email us at or call 0141 419 0451.

Not sure what a micro enterprise is? Click here.

This project was originally created through a Scottish Government funded capacity building project to explore what self directed support meant for small user led organisations. This project ran from April 2012 until March 2015.

On this website you will find real life examples of

• Co-production
• Community capacity building
• Micro enterprises

Along with useful information about the original Getting There project.

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